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Christmas in the winter charm of Berlin

Do you know a city in Germany that is as wonderfully lit-up as Berlin? Highly unlikely! Allow yourself to be enchanted by the illuminated and magnificent boulevards and shopping centres that our cosmopolitan city has to offer.
How about an advent tour or an exciting trip through the festive and dazzling streets of Berlin?
If so then you can book a Santa Claus®- Angel, -Nikolaus or -Father Christmas through us.

The Berlin "Santa Claus®" season begins in Germany's capital with over 50 christmas markets. On this day the christmas markets open and Berlin becomes alive under a blaze of lights in the magic winter pre-christmas excitement.

You can find out more details about our "Santa Claus®" promotion in line with the WinterZauber Berlin. You can receive an overview of the prices, the advertisement and an application form, download the booking form for one of the following individual offers.

Our offers in this category:
· Advent tours
· Advent tours with Nikolaus
· Excursion days in the advent for school classes
· Rent a Santa Claus®!

Advent tours
The Christmas tours begin along the seasonally decorated Friedrichstrasse. The Advent weekends begin at Friedrichstrasse station). If you want, you can meet first for breakfast, enjoy a Cocktail at „the Intermezzo“ bar in the Jolly Hotel. Architecture, art, the history of Berlin present and past on the Friedrichstrasse are the main topics. Tales told under the magic lights and the beautifully decorated street provide a real christmassy feeling.

Dates: On all advent weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Only available with advance booking, other dates may be available on request.

Meeting place: Friedrichstrasse station, start of the guided tour is at 10:30 am (or on request), duration 1.5 hours.

Ticket: Adults - 5 €, accompanying children go free. Minimum number of participants: 10 adults or 50 € fee (only with advance booking, by telephone, by fax or E-Mail at:

    - contact form
Booking form:
    - Online form

Advent tours with Nikolaus
Nikolaus comes during the night of December 5th. He brings toys, fruit and sweets for the well-behaved children and twigs for the naughty ones. He leaves the gifts in their boots.
The Advent Berlin-trained Nikolaus women and men ,under the keyword “Berlin Santa Claus”, take citizens of Berlin and visitors along the “Unter den Linden” avenue, to the Christmas markets, through the Gendarme market and up to the cradle of Berlin, lit up in a blaze of festive lights, the St. Nicholas quarter.
Alongside history in the 1.5-hour tour including the embassies in “Unter den Linden” our Nikolaus guides give interesting and exciting information about Christmas customs in other countries. The BerlinPlus-Nikolaus knows many Christmas stories and offers many surprises for the little ones amongst the group.

Dates: On every Advent weekend (Saturday and Sunday). (Only available with pre-booking, other dates may be available on request).

Meeting place: Brandenburg gate (left gate building) at 4pm, duration 1.5 hours. Number of participants: at least 10 adults. (Only available with pre-booking, others dates may be available on request).

Ticket: Adults - 8€, 1 child per adult goes free. Minimum number of participants of 10 adults or 80€ fee. Only with advance booking, by telephone, fax or E-Mail at:

    - contact form
Booking form:
    - Online form

Excursion days in the advent for school classes
In December school classes are able to experience their school excursions in a completely different way. With a city game, a quiz about Berlin history, you go with a Santa Claus (Nikolaus) guide through the city. Between Alexanderplatz and Gendarme Market pupils and students can test their knowledge in groups of two and more. The 1- to 1.5-hour city game ends at one of the Christmas´ markets in Berlin’s historical city centre.
With a minimum number of participants of 20 students, participation in the city game costs 3 € per person. Teachers as well as adult companions go free. More details can be found by calling: +4930/56 044 822 and/or fax: +4930/56 044 823. After downloading the pdf document, you must print it and fax the completed form to us. You can also send an E-Mail to:

    - contact form
Booking form:
    - Online form

Rent a Santa Claus®!
Book a Santa Claus! We offer an optional good story telling Santa Claus for your children’s event during the Christmas festivities providing a great family atmosphere - not just on Christmas Eve. Fee starting from 50 €. Order by telephone, fax or E-Mail at

Booking form:
    - Online form


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